About Us

Organic and Organic LLP is fueled by our desire to create a holistic organic living, one that extends beyond organic food. Our belief is simple - to craft an organic home sanctuary that’s at once healthy, comforting and socially & environmentally respectful. The infinity symbol (in our logo) created out of vines represents that endless natural process of how the product comes about and returns to earth. 

An organic home will give you a peace of mind, because serenity is the new luxury.

All products in our Collections are Certified Organic and are carefully curated from around the world as if they are chosen for people we cherish. We are also the FIRST in Singapore to bring them to you. The Certified Organic Collections comprise of Towels, Baby Wear and Sleep Linens.

At the root of every endeavour is human energy, purpose & aspirations. From the farm land to the factories, we are inspired by the single-mindedness to produce organic fabric in a world of industrialized production and fast consumption. 

That's why we took pains to understand from our producer partners their organic certifications, supply chain & processes. Learn more about Organic fabric certifications here


Organic & Organic LLP (Registration No. T16LL0882L) is registered with limited liability. Organic & Organic LLP was converted from a business known as Organic & Organic (Registration No.53329011B) on 3rd May 2016.