Why choose Organic Cotton?

We are in intimate contact with cotton daily. It’s in the towels we wipe our delicate & pampered skin with. In the clothes we put onto our vulnerable babies and ourselves. And in the beds we seek rest and solace.

Certified Organic Cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds planted on land which is not exposed to any agricultural chemicals and pesticides for at least 3 years. Organic practice also prevents any use or contact with forbidden synthetic substances during farming & processing. Embedded in the production of Organic Cotton is a deep respect for the environment, the farmers and the factory workers too. Organic Cotton thus provides the best from Mother Nature, toxin-free, soft and comforting. It's also our way of respecting & loving her back.



Conventionally cultivated cotton may look pure and clean to the naked eye, but growing it actually uses more chemicals & pesticides than most other crops in the world.

Also, to achieve bright colors & shine, chemical dyes, fluorescent brighteners and chlorine bleach are commonly added during the production process.

The toxic from the chemicals and pesticides from conventional cotton thus pose hazardous health risks to consumers including vulnerable babies and those with low immunity levels such as patients and the elderly.

Needless to say, production of conventional cotton also places huge amount of burden on the communities & environment where cotton is farmed and processed.